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The Lonely One

by Ashley Campbell

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About Cal


A musician since he can remember, drummer/producer Cal Campbell was literally born into the music industry. The son of legendary guitarist/singer, Glen Campbell, Cal’s musical passion didn’t begin with guitars as did his father’s; but rather his first musical passion was for playing the drums. Eventually, that passion spilled over into other musical instruments and his burgeoning musical curiosity became fixed and keenly focused on recording studios and the recording process.
“I grew up watching my father record, and I was mesmerized by the whole process,” said Cal. “Watching the magic of capturing live, handmade music and preserving those moments forever sparked an obsession and a need to record music with anything and everything I could find.”

Campbell began experimenting with his own homemade recording devices – initially ‘ping-ponging’ two, identical tape cassette speaker/mic combos – and eventually graduating to trying his hand with 4-track recordings. Ultimately, he enrolled in the Conservatory for Recording Arts and Sciences in Tempe, AZ to formally learn the nuances of recording and finally realize the true potential of the studio as an instrument itself. 

After graduating and moving to Los Angeles Cal found himself recording and touring with the sons of legendary songwriter Jimmy Webb. Campbell went on to play drums for Jimmy Webb in the studio and live in the UK featuring Jimmy’s sons The Webb Brothers and members of The Magic Numbers. 

Around the time of Glen’s Alzheimers diagnosis Cal decided to play drums on the road for his dad’s Goodbye Tour. The acclaimed Grammy winning and Oscar nominated documentary Glen Campbell... I’ll Be Me was filmed during this time. It went on to touch the lives of millions of people who have loved ones afflicted with Alzheimers and has helped to raise millions more in funding for research.